Ambassador Klimow Celebrates Presidents’ Day with students at IUHD

On Wednesday, March 15, U.S. Ambassador Matthew Klimow visited the International University of Humanities and Development for a celebration of a U.S. holiday. Presidents’ Day, celebrated every year in the United States, honors the country’s past leaders. Ambassador Klimow spoke to the students about the importance of the holiday.

“Reflecting on the great leaders from our past and what they stood for has never been more important. The principles these presidents followed and the laws they helped put in place paved the way for the democracy we live in today. Through this event, I hope you can learn not just about American history, but about leadership and responsibility.”

Ambassador Klimow thanked the university and its rector, Esen Aydogdyyev, for hosting the event. He also presented a gift of educational materials, including English language materials and books about U.S. presidents, to the university.