Gold Key Service (Matchmaking)

Gold Key Service (GKS) is a custom-tailored program geared toward ensuring that your time in Turkmenistan is spent productively and profitably. Our experienced industry sector and market analysts will arrange appointments for you with prescreened contacts whose interests and objectives match your requirements. The Gold Key Service includes customized market and industry briefings prior to your business meetings, plus an out brief to discuss the results of meetings and appropriate follow-up strategies. The price of the Gold Key Service includes the following at no additional cost:

  • Preparation of a meeting agenda;
  • Screening and selection of companies and ministries for the Gold Key event;
  • Arrangement of meetings with key decision makers.

GKS includes arrangement of up to five business meetings per day. The GKS fee excludes all your travel costs, local transportation costs, and translation services.

Cost: $700 for Small and Medium Company, $350 for Small and Medium Company using the Service for the first time and $2,300 for Large Company (transportation & interpreter extra.)

Delivery: The request must be received six weeks prior to the arrival date.

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