International Partner Search

International Partner Search (IPS) helps you find potential agents, distributors, manufacturers, representatives, joint venture partners, franchisees, or strategic partners without even leaving the U.S. We will contact a large group of potential partners in Turkmenistan using the marketing materials you provide, and then identify the companies that are interested and capable of becoming a viable representative for you in Turkmenistan. The IPS report on these companies includes:

  • contact information and basic business profile on as many as five potential companies and representatives in Turkmenistan
  • each company’s opinion on the market for your product and/or service
  • the U.S. Commercial Service staff’s opinion on the contact’s level of interest and overall suitability
  • competition from local or third-country firms

Occasionally, overseas firms contacted may not be interested in an offer from an American company. In these cases, the report will include information on the marketability of the client’s product or service, such as regulatory, trade, competitor and/or other factors that may prohibit or limit sales prospects in the relevant market. The report will also include the contact information on each local company or representative contacted.

Each IPS report is delivered within 30 days.


  • Small Business = $750
  • Medium Business = $1,750
  • Large Business = $2,250

Delivery: The report is due within 30 business days following receipt of requisite info from the U.S. company.