Factsheet: USAID Programs in 2022

The American people through USAID have supported development programs in Turkmenistan since 1992.

Economic Growth Programs:

  • USAID supports Turkmenistan in implementing economic reforms focusing on trade and export promotion and private sector development.
  • USAID strengthens the competitiveness of high-growth industries to create jobs and boost incomes for Turkmenistan’s growing workforce.
  • USAID promotes academic exchanges and increases the capacity of a new generation of water managers to integrate water resource management principles.
  • USAID also works on creating an effective enabling environment for private sector investments in renewable energy.

Health and Education Programs:

  • In the health sector, USAID supports the Government of Turkmenistan’s efforts to reduce the burden of tuberculosis (TB) and drug resistant-TB to provide universal and equitable access to high quality TB services including to vulnerable populations; and to improve the detection and treatment of drug resistant-TB by building local and regional capacity.
  • USAID’s education and youth programs improve the capacity of youth to contribute to the local economy and their communities, and promote the active engagement of Turkmenistan’s youth in the labor market and participation in their civic duties.

Governance Programs:

  • USAID builds the capacity of civil servants to improve good governance and service delivery to citizens through exposure to international best practice and international standards.
  • USAID strengthens the capacity of civil society organizations to navigate the legal, regulatory, institutional environment and to provide services to citizens.
  • USAID reduces vulnerability of individuals to internal and external trafficking, increases migrants’ awareness of safe migration channels, and enhances the combating trafficking in persons’ legislative and regulatory frameworks.


USAID Central Asia Regional Mission Director:

Lawrence Hardy
41 Kazibek bi St,
Almaty, Kazakhstan 050010
Tel.: 7-327-250-79-12

USAID Country Representative to Turkmenistan:

Nino Nadiradze
Business Center, A Block
1 Yunus Emre St, “Mir 2/1”
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 744017
Tel.: +99312-456-130

U.S. Agency for International Development Turkmenistan Desk Officer:

Ilire Agimi
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, USA 20523
Tel.: 202-712-1559