Independence Day Message from Ambassador Matthew S. Klimow

As Ambassador of the United States of America to Turkmenistan, it is my pleasure to send the people of Turkmenistan greetings on the occasion of July 4, the date on which the United States of America celebrates our Independence.

At a time of challenge and change throughout the world, we continue to strive to live up to the ideals and principles expressed by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. These values transcend time and technology—liberty, human dignity, and government for and by the people. The United States has always had a collective sense of itself and its place in the world. George F. Kennan, one of the 20th Century’s most distinguished American diplomats, wrote that for Americans, the place where our self-image finds its most natural reflection is in the principles that our country chooses to adopt and, to the extent possible, to follow.

Here in Turkmenistan, our team at the United States Embassy works tirelessly every day to uphold these values. Our political and security cooperation with Turkmenistan, bilaterally and through regional platforms such as the C5+1 framework, aim to achieve our countries’ shared goals of peace and stability in the region and to honor the dignity of every person. Our economic cooperation promotes opportunities for talented entrepreneurs and business owners from Turkmenistan and the United States to connect, do business, and build prosperity for both of our countries. The Embassy’s cultural and educational programs bring together ordinary Turkmenistanis and Americans to get to know one another, pursue new knowledge and skills, and form bonds of friendship. Above all, every member of the Embassy community strives to share the very best of our country each day by modeling integrity, listening with open minds to other points of view, exploring the cultural riches of our two countries, and showing respect for the individual in all that we do.

In the year ahead, we recommit ourselves to America’s guiding principles. We look forward to working in friendship with our host nation, Turkmenistan, and to strengthening the relationship between our countries, our businesses, and our people. We will continue to support Turkmenistan’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

During the month of July, we welcome the people of Turkmenistan to stay in touch with us. Follow us on social media. Send us your questions about our programs and initiatives. Seek out new sources of information online to learn about American history, culture, and values. As the United States Ambassador, I thank you for your friendship and partnership and cannot wait to celebrate our 244th year of independence with you!

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