Turkmen Agrarian Specialists Travel to American Heartland to Learn About Innovations in Horticulture Production

Seven Turkmen agricultural specialists, including private farmers and academics, traveled on June 12 from Ashgabat to Missouri to participate in a two-week Cochran Fellowship program on horticulture production.  The Turkmen will visit research stations and farms around the Show Me State, where they will witness innovative vegetable and horticulture operations, and receive training on modern irrigation technologies.  Participants will also join lectures at the University of Missouri on horticultural farm management, marketing and food safety.  The Cochran program, which is sponsored by the State Department and administered by the Department of Agriculture, provides short-term training opportunities to agricultural professionals from middle income countries, emerging markets and emerging democracies.  Participants receive hands-on training to enhance their technical knowledge and skills in areas related to agricultural trade, agribusiness development, management, policy and marketing.  Approximately 170 Turkmen have participated in the program since it began in Turkmenistan in 1993.