Disposition of Remains Report

Burial is the only option for disposition of remains within Turkmenistan; there are no crematory facilities.  Ashgabat’s only mortuary is state operated and provides casket sales and lay out services.  Municipal morgues provide embalming and autopsy services

(1) Maximum Period Before Burial
In theory, embalmed bodies can be stored for burial for up to fourteen days following death; however, the level of refrigeration available is not adequate for storage beyond a few days.

(2) Embalming
Municipal morgues perform autopsies and provide embalming services.  An autopsy is required if there is reason to believe the person did not die of natural causes.

(3) Cremation
Cremation facilities are not available in Turkmenistan.

(4) Caskets and Containers
Whole remains must be contained in a zinc-lined, hermetically sealed coffin/casket.

(5) Exportation of Human Remains
In cases involving the remains of a foreign national, the Turkmen government convenes a committee of representatives from six agencies plus a representative from the Embassy of the deceased’s home country.   All seven committee members of must sign and seal the Act of Disposition of Remains, which serves in lieu of a death certificate and certificate of export.  The six agencies include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Customs Office, the State Border Service, the State Migration Service, the National Security Service, and the Mortuary Service.  The Act of Disposition of Remains is the only Government document required for the transport of remains out of Turkmenistan.  Additionally, the remains must be embalmed prior to export.

(6) Exportation of Human Cremains/Ashes;
Cremation facilities are not available in Turkmenistan.

(7) Costs
Charges are based on the exchange rate of April 3, 2013, $1.00 = TM 2.85 (local currency –Turkmen Manat);

(a) Local Burial:

There is one cemetery where foreigners may be buried.  It is located outside of Ashgabat at Choganly place.  There is no charge for burial plots.

  • Preparation of the body for burial or shipment including embalming, dressing, cosmetics:  TM 570.00 – 855.00 ($200-300)
  • Coffin for local burial: TM 285.00 – 570.00 ($100-200)

If the deceased has no relatives or friends to take care of the body, the body will be buried at the expense of the Government of Turkmenistan.

(b) Preparation of whole remains:

  • Zinc casket enclosed in a hardwood coffin for international transportation: from TM 1.425 – 5.700 ($500-$2.000)
  • Embalming: TM 114.00 ($40)
  • Storage of the body, per day: TM 12.00 ($4.21)

(c) Shipment of remains:

For travel within Turkmenistan:

Internal transportation by truck – estimated TM 430 ($150.00)

Turkmenistan Airlines operates several daily flights from all major cities to Ashgabat.  Human remains must be shipped in a hermetically sealed zinc casket; the charge is TM 30.00 ($10.00) per kg.

For International Export of Remains

Via Turkish Airlines:

  • Airway bill fee and handling fee – $100 per shipment
    • New York – $8.25 per kg
    • Chicago – $8.25 per kg

Via Lufthansa Airlines:

  • $120.00 airway bill + $30.00 handling fee per shipment
    • Washington – $18.88 per kg
    • New York – $18.88 per kg.
    • Boston – $18.38 per kg.
    • Chicago – $18.68 per kg..
    • Atlanta – $18.68 per kg
    • Dallas – $18.68 per kg.
    • Miami – $18.68 per kg.
    • Houston – $18.53 per kg.
    • Los Angeles – $18.88 per kg.
    • San-Francisco – $18.68 per kg.
    • Philadelphia – $18.88 per kg.

(8) Exhumation
Exhumation is not available in Turkmenistan.

(9) Autopsies
An autopsy is mandatory when there is reasonable cause to suspect that the deceased died a violent or unnatural death.


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