U.S.-Turkmenistan Improve Life-Saving Skills

During a joint U.S.-Turkmenistan August 24-28 event – “The Basic First Responder Trauma and Disaster Workshop” – both nations exchanged best practices in learning first responder care, providing basic life support skills, recognizing life threatening injuries, and performing basic life-saving interventions that improve the chances of survival for victims of trauma-related injuries.

At the August 28th closing ceremony, U.S. Ambassador Allan Mustard remarked, “We are committed to these sorts of cooperative events that improve our capabilities in areas of mutual interests, and saving lives is certainly in our shared interests.”

During this week, the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Military Cooperation in Ashgabat organized a five-day workshop between the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General Command and Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Defense Medical Service.  The workshop concluded on August 28th with a culminating exercise that simulated a mass causality event.  It gave the participants the opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills in assessing, treating, and evacuating casualties.