The United States Helps Advance Mobile Technologies and e-Services in Turkmenistan

Today, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences in Turkmenistan, launched a two-day seminar to share international best practices and innovations in information communications technology (ICT) with Turkmenistan’s civil servants.

The seminar seeks to help civil servants develop the skills necessary to implement government policies and programs and to promote sustained economic growth. Participants will explore the role of ICT for effective governance, development of mobile technologies to provide public services, as well as the development of electronic document flow for implementation of socio-economic programs. Professor Muhammedovez Ashirovich Gurbanniyazov, Director of the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and USAID’s Director for Turkmenistan, Christopher Miller, opened the seminar at the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences in Ashgabat. Arvo Ott and Hannes Astok, leading international experts representing the e-Governance Academy of Estonia, will share their expertise with more than thirty participants representing various Government of Turkmenistan ministries and agencies, including the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Communications, and others.

This seminar advances productive relationships and future collaboration with leading experts. It is one of the many activities made possible by the American people through USAID in Turkmenistan. Since 1992, USAID has provided nearly $100 million for programs that support Turkmenistan’s economic growth, social development, and community initiatives.